In 2004 Suzanne Lovell, principal of her namesake Chicago-based interior design firm, and Sam Kasten, one of America's foremost handweavers, pooled their respective talents to create a unique textile company. The goal was to create a machine woven collection without losing the essence and subtle complexities of Sam’s custom textiles.  Thus was born Twill, a collection of sophisticated fabrics inspired by the art of handweaving.  

After much success with the original collection, Twill partnered with a talented screen printing artisan in 2010 to bring new life to some classic patterns by translating them into hand printed designs. More recently Twill acquired the rights to the Q collection and is proud to now offer 14 of their beautiful fully sustainable patterns.

As the collection evolves, the goal to create beautiful textiles that emulate both the quality and aesthetic of artisan craft remains the same. Yet it is the power of collaborative creativity that keeps this dream alive.



In our pursuit to emulate the unique beauty of hand-woven textiles, Twill partnered with renowned screen printing artisan, Peter Fasano, to take this concept in a novel direction. Using four of Twill’s classic woven patterns as inspiration, Peter and Sam worked together to create 6 unique prints to complement our aesthetic. To avoid the “machine perfect” look often associated with this medium, each interpretation was drawn and then printed by hand. The patterns in this collection are offered in 5 versatile colorways and printed on a lovely 100% Belgian linen ground cloth.



With clientale that continues to reach the highest order of the interior design industry, celebrated craftsman Sam Kasten has been a master of the art of hand weaving since he began in the 1970s.  Selectively using the purest and most fine materials such as silk, linen, mohair, and cashmere, Kasten’s fabrics reveal simple woven structures that resonate with the subtle complexities of the yarns he deftly combines for a timeless and elegant textile.  Over the years, designers and architects such as Billy Baldwin, David Easton, Thierry Despont, Victoria Hagan, and Calvin Tsao have collaborated with Kasten to obtain exquisite fabrics that they know only his mastery can create.

The challenge to translate his hand woven fabrics into industrially produced textiles led Kasten to interior designer Suzanne Lovell.  With a shared enthusiasm for the art of hand weaving, Lovell and Kasten combined their talents to create Twill Textiles, a collection of sophisticated fabrics inspired by the artisan craft. 

Today, Twill’s Sam Kasten Collection continues his legacy by honoring the ancient weaving craft with Modernist sensibilities, maintaining honesty to materials, and celebrating unadorned simplicity.